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  • Halloween Bag O’Lantern

    What you’ll need:
    A brown paper lunch bag; pencil; scissors; string or yarn; flashlight

    With the bag flat on a table, draw …(more)

  • Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

    September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. I don’t think it ought to be just one day a year, …(more)

  • Celebrate National Kids Day

    August 3rd is National Kids Day. Take the day to celebrate all the kids in your life. Some fun and …(more)

  • Children’s thank you notes

    I’m afraid that writing thank you notes has become a bit of a lost art, but it’s an important skill …(more)

  • Keeping track of presents

    The wrappings from opened gifts at Christmas or Hanukkah at this time of the year can easily become a mess. …(more)

  • Math and realistic Christmas gifts

    To teach your children to be realistic in making their Christmas lists, give them a toy catalog and let them …(more)

  • Charity Kids Can Do at Christmas

    If we want our children to be charitable and kind to those less fortunate, then we must teach them by …(more)

  • Deviled Egg Ships

    While teaching your child about the pilgrims crossing the ocean on the Mayflower, a fun prop might be to make …(more)

  • Halloween Monster

    Halloween Monster, illustrated by Catherine Stock
    Many young trick-or-treaters can relate to little Tommy who is too afraid of Halloween …(more)

  • Easter Bunny Lunch Bag

    We already know that preschoolers have a fine-tuned sense of injustice. So when they see their older brothers or sisters …(more)

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