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  • Getting Gross with Your Children

    While many of the activities in Teach Me Mommy are geared toward creative arts (painting, sculpting, singing, and so …(more)

  • Charity Kids Can Do at Christmas

    If we want our children to be charitable and kind to those less fortunate, then we must teach them by …(more)

  • Getting Your Children to Brush Their Teeth

    With Halloween over and more sweet holidays on the way, make sure your kids are brushing their teeth every day. …(more)

  • Government Study: Children in Daycare More Likely to be Aggressive, Disobedient Later

    As you can guess, I am a strong believer that preschool-aged children should not be placed in daycare where possible. …(more)

  • Surviving your family’s Spring Break

    Traveling with children is often hectic and sometimes downright difficult. Holiday travel is even harder with the crowds. …(more)

  • Chores for Children

    This issue seems like a good time to talk about the importance of giving your child regular chores to perform. …(more)

  • National Dental Health Month

    My son, Matt, is not only a dentist, but also the father of five children. I thought he would be …(more)

  • Developing Your Child’s Intellect

    Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard, believes …(more)

  • Win the TV War with Your Children

    With the weather cold and the days short, it’s often easy for children to spend more and more time watching …(more)

  • Building Self-Esteem in Your Child

    One day, when our youngest son was twelve, I entered his bedroom to find him drawing a large cartoon mural …(more)

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