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  • Getting Gross with Your Children

    While many of the activities in Teach Me Mommy are geared toward creative arts (painting, sculpting, singing, and so …(more)

  • Election Night Dinner Vote

    After you’ve taken your children with you to vote, you can teach your preschooler about the basics of representative …(more)

  • Take Your Kids to Vote

    As election day approaches (November 4th at least here in the United States), a great way to teach …(more)

  • Apple Tasting Party

    One of my very favorite things about fall is the harvest of many delicious foods, particularly apples in all …(more)

  • Leaf Placemats

    Ah, there’s nothing like a crisp autumn day for going on a walk with your preschooler. Next time you …(more)

  • Halloween Bag O’Lantern

    What you’ll need:
    A brown paper lunch bag; pencil; scissors; string or yarn; flashlight

    With the bag flat on a table, draw …(more)

  • Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

    September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. I don’t think it ought to be just one day a year, …(more)

  • An “All About Me” book

    Often when an older sibling goes off to school, your younger preschooler may experience sadness or frustration that they are …(more)

  • Sensory Flower Activity

    Your preschool child will enjoy this sensory activity while at the same time stimulating their senses. They will touch, smell, …(more)

  • Music Wall

    Every child loves to make sounds, particularly loud ones. Try this fun idea to help them make music instead of …(more)

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