Music Wall

Every child loves to make sounds, particularly loud ones. Try this fun idea to help them make music instead of just noise. Summer is a great time for this activity because there is more space outdoors usually, and less chance of you getting a headache! This can also be done indoors, but you might want to warn your neighbors and invest in some earplugs. Help your child set up a time to hold a concert for other family members.

What you’ll need:

  • A long piece of wood or rope
  • Old pots and pans, lids, trays, metal bowls, etc. (these are the "instruments")
  • Wooden sticks or cooking spoons (these are the "drumsticks")

What to do:

  1. Nail a piece of wood between two sawhorses or a-frames, or tie a rope between two trees or poles—make it long and sturdy enough to accommodate a few instruments
  2. Gather old pots and pans, lids, trays, metal bowls, even plastic water jugs or whatever you can come up with (thrift stores are great for this).
  3. You can nail or screw items to the wood, as well as hang them with rope—depending on the sound effect you are looking for.
  4. Stand back and watch the inner drummer in your preschooler emerge!