Leaf Placemats

Yellow leaves
Creative Commons License jpctalbot

Ah, there’s nothing like a crisp autumn day for going on a walk with your preschooler. Next time you go out with your child, collect some pretty autumn leaves and make some very practical placemats.

What you’ll need:

  • Clear Contac paper
  • Autumn leaves (look for a variety of colors and species)

What to do:

  1. Cut two pieces of clear Contac paper 12” x15”.
  2. Remove the plastic from one piece and lay it down, sticky side up.
  3. Choosing pretty, bright leaves, have the child lay them on the plastic.
  4. Strip the backing from the second piece and lay it on top of the leaves.
  5. Now have the child rub his hands over the entire surface to seal the two pieces together.
  6. You can use a pair of decorative, scrap booking scissors to cut around the edge to make an attract appearance to the leaf mats.

This is a great activity use in conjunction with Chapter 6, Day 2: Fall Leaves of Teach Me Mommy