Design Your Own T-Shirts

Fabric-HeartIs the front of your refrigerator getting too full with your kids’ art? Here’s a great preschool activity that takes the art your child creates and puts it on a t-shirt (any one will do). And the best part is they can wear it themselves! You can also make larger t-shirts for other family members (like Dad or Grandma for their birthdays).
What you’ll need

  • white drawing paper
  • pencil
  • fabric transfer crayons (Crayola makes great ones)
  • an ironing board or table
  • an iron
  • and a plain front t-shirt


  1. Have your child draw a self-portrait with a pencil on the white drawing paper.
  2. Let her color it in with fabric transfer crayons. Use bright colors and press down hard. Shake off crayon bits when the portrait is complete.
  3. Transfer the portrait onto the T-shirt by stacking newspaper or plain paper on an ironing board. Put the shirt on top of the paper, then layer additional paper inside the shirt (to keep the transferred color from bleeding through).
  4. Place the colored self-portrait facedown on the shirt and cover it with another sheet of paper.
  5. Heat a dry iron on the cotton setting and press straight down on the drawing until the image is slightly visible through the paper.
  6. Peel the drawing away from the t-shirt.

(For a more detailed set of instructions, “Jan the Proofer” has great step-by-step pictures)

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  • 1. duran clarke  |  August 12th, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    good design