Chores for Children

This issue seems like a good time to talk about the importance of giving your child regular chores to perform. Daily tasks are a part of each of our lives and help children grow up being *responsible* and *self-sufficient*. Someone once said, “Good habits at home make good habits at school.” I agree!

The level of performance required on a chore should be matched to the *age* and *ability* of the child, but you’d be surprised about the many things that children can do even at a young age. For instance:

* *Helping to sort the laundry* into piles of whites and darks for washing. It’s an easy way for them to learn to recognize colors, and it helps you as well!
* *Helping to fold towels* or washcloths after the laundry is completed.
* *Emptying the silverware* out of the dishwasher. I put the silverware rack on the table with the insert from my silverware drawer. An added bonus about this chore is that you’re teaching them about recognizing shapes and sorting as well.
* *Putting toys away*. we’ll cover this in depth in a later issue, but, from an early age, children need to learn to put away what they take out.
* *Watering plants*. If your plant is finicky, make sure you fill the pitcher or glass that they’re using for watering with just the right amount of water
* *Cleaning out the inside of the car.* Picking up things that may have fallen under the seats and then using a Dustbuster® or vacuum with upholstery attachments to vacuum the carpets and seats.

What do you do to encourage your children’s learning to work at home?