Easter Bunny Lunch Bag

We already know that preschoolers have a fine-tuned sense of injustice. So when they see their older brothers or sisters going off to school with a brown bag lunch you packed for them, they’ll beg for the same treatment. Here’s an easy way to make the preschooler imitate her older brother or sister and celebrate Easter too!

  1. Take a brown lunch bag and draw a line around the bag down about 9″.
  2. Draw curved lines from the two top corners of the bag down to the line.
  3. Make round eyes, a triangle nose, and a curvy mouth.
  4. For whiskers, you can use paste pipe cleaners or yarn.
  5. With the bag still closed, cut the ears along the lines you’ve drawn.
  6. Tape the tops of the ears together.

It may not fit much, but it’s a perfect little bag for a fun meal with your child.