About the Author

Jill Dunford, the author, is the mother of seven children (five boys and two girls). Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, she received her BA in English education from the University of Utah. She has worked many years as a teacher and trainer in her church nursery and other programs. A former substitute Pre-K teacher and elementary school teacher in the Gwinnett School System, she has also taught seminars to other mothers on developing their own home nursery programs and stimulating creativity in children. She has been actively involved in PTA and the gifted program in her children’s schools. She is presently a high school English teacher. The author of magazine articles on children, Jill currently resides in Grayson, Georgia.

Jill began Teach Me Mommy when her oldest son was four and the were living in a small town in Michigan. After discovering that the preschool programs in her community were not what she wanted for her children, she began a program of her own. Interest by other mothers resulted in the first edition of Teach Me Mommy, published in 1982. Upates and additional material have followed, resulting in the valuable book that is available now.

“Jill Dunford has created a very easy-to-use, practical, and exciting book. I particularly appreciate her multisensory approach to each day’s activities.” -Joan K. Cutlip, parenting and day-care course instructor, Sinclair Community College Dayton, Ohio

If you’d like to contact the author about her book, for an interview, or about what is was like raising seven children, email her! jilldunford@teachmemommy.com